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Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning

We use a 6 stage Oriental rug cleaning process that is better and more thorough than any other carpet cleaning system. We do this because over time, the pile of your rug acts as a filter, trapping bugs, allergens, grit and dust. All of these have a negative affect on the appearance of the rug and the indoor air quality in your home.

Grit is abrasive and damages your rug each time you walk across it.
Dust will matt the rug, dull the colours and attract dust mites.
Allergens need to be kept to the minimum if your family are sensitive.
The larvae of bugs such as carpet beetles feed on wool rugs, causing pile damage

This debris cannot be removed by vacuuming alone. If you try to wash the rug with shampoo, the dirt turns to mud that sticks to the pile, discolours the wool and makes it much harder to remove.

Our workshop has been equipped specifically to clean oriental rugs. Powerful equipment achieves results that are simply not possible using conventional cleaning machines.

1  Power brush

To lift flattened and matted pile

2  Rug dusting

Our powerful rug dusting machine removes Bugs, Allergens, Dust and Grit

3  Power washing process

Power washing separates the soil from the pile and a 500psi jet flushes the dirt away in one cycle.

4  Fringes, stain removal and detailing

Our custom-made fringe cleaning tool makes light work of dirty fringes and careful use of stain removers complete the clean

5  Rug Finish

Finishing rinse to set the pile and add a lustre to the rug.  Add Protective solution for stain protection. Add NoInsect to prevent infestation

6  Rug drying

Power drying with multiple fans.

Rug Cleaning

Oriental Rug Cleaning


We do of course offer a reduced service to deal with rugs that may be synthetic or after consultation the 6 step process may not be required. Feel free to contact us with an enquiry.

We can safely and expertly clean all kids of Oriental Rugs including Chinese Rugs, Turkish Rugs, Iranian Rugs, Indian Rugs and Persian Rugs.  We are also one of the leading companies in ‘Total Immersion’ and ‘Saturation’ rug cleaning; these cleaning techniques are essential in getting  Silk rugs and most types of woven rugs up to a really top class condition.