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Protective Treatments Carpets / Upholstery


Protective Treatments Carpets / Upholstery


This is an interesting image that shows just how effective Stainguard treatments are. What happened here was that I had a runner made for my caravan and of course decided to treat it with Stainguard. As you can see I did this on my own decking and when it rained a few days later it showed that the over-spray had waterproofed the decking around the edges of the runner and not allowed the rainwater to soak in to the wood.

This shows in a simplistic way the main benefit of Stain-guarding especially on wool and wool mix carpets and the natural fibres used in upholstery. If the fibres are made resistant to absorption then of course the common spillages such as tea, coffee and wine have much less chance of leaving a permanent stain.

We can apply any protective solution if you have a preference as we have accounts at all major suppliers. We certify all our applications to give you absolute assurance that any protective treatment for carpet or upholstery is applied as per the manufacturers instructions.

Stain Guard treatments can be applied to brand new carpets and upholstery and also to freshly cleaned items. A lot of people ask me whether I would recommend treatment and my advice is usually the same, on new carpet or upholstery, definitely.  On freshly cleaned items,  if you intend to keep the items for two years or more then, in my opinion, Stainguard is worthy of serious consideration.