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Leather Cleaning/Leather Cleaners

LeatherMore people are now choosing leather furniture and consumers have rapidly identified the benefits of leather:

Leather naturally adjusts to your body temperature, making it extremely comfortable.
Leather is more durable than fabric.
Leather has never been more affordable.
Leather can be cleaned and maintained.

When the correct products and methods are used, leather furniture will keep a high level of appearance throughout its life. Our superior leather cleaning system offers a high level of dirt and stain removal, leaving leather clean, nourished and protected.

A consumer is frequently told that the leather they purchased is low maintenance and can easily be wiped off with mild soap and water. No further service explanation is given.

Several problems exist with this approach. First of all low maintenance is usually interpreted as no maintenance. Second, “protected” leathers have a durable pigmented finish, but are not indestructible. This durable finish initially allows consumers to clean leather with almost anything and get an immediate satisfactory result.

The use of these products, not designed for leather, may break down this durable finish causing the pigment to crack or peel. Improper maintenance directly leads to expensive restoration or replacement. Third, aniline and NuBuck leathers are not low maintenance.

These leathers are extremely porous and should be cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis to protect your investment. Fourth, leather is purchased primarily for the most attractive rooms in the house. This choice makes good maintenance a high priority to protect the looks of your investment and for prolonging the life of your leather.


Glossary of Leather Terms

Aniline: Also known as Natural, Pure, Naked and Unprotected leather. These are leathers that are coloured with transparent dyestuff. This means that you are able to see the actual surface grain markings. These leathers have very little or no protective treatments applied to them.

Protected: Also known as Finished, Semi Aniline, Pigmented and Painted. These leathers have combined the best aspects of a natural product (leather) and have utilized tannery technology to create a product that is more uniform in appearance and colour.

NuBuck: Also known as Chaps, Distressed, Bomber and Suede. These are actually aniline leathers with a surface brushed to create a texture similar to velvet on leather upholstery or fabric. Suede is the “flesh” side of a piece of leather and NuBuck is an effect that is done to the grain side. Because NuBuck and aniline leathers are alike, it is sometimes difficult to tell them apart.

Leather tanneries and manufacturers world-wide recommend proper cleaning and protection treatments every six months to extend the life of leather and to prevent premature cracking, peeling and colour loss.