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End of Tenancy Cleaning

Lets be perfectly honest here, what is the difference between ‘normal’ carpet cleaning and ‘end of tenancy’ carpet cleaning. The difference, I feel, is the benefit perceived by the customer. In ‘normal’ carpet cleaning our customers benefit from carpets cleaned to an exceptionally high standard, carpets that are left fresh and looking good for a long time to come whereas the overriding consideration expressed by our ‘end of tenancy’ customers is the desire to re-claim their deposit. This of course is an oversimplified generalisation and I mean no disrespect to anyone.

When we considered how best to serve our customers in this area of cleaning we made one extremely important declaration;

Our cleaning standards will never be compromised; we clean to the highest standard or not at all.

The next issue was of course was, how can we perform to the very top level and also be the cheapest?

Well of course the answer to that question was, no, we can’t be the cheapest but how can we give fantastic value for money and still not be the most expensive. This is how we achieve this;

1.  Most properties that require end of tenancy or pre-tenancy cleans have no furniture in them making the whole process much quicker, result, lower price.

2. We have every industry approved cleaning system at our disposal; we will use the best system for your carpet and situation, result, lower price.

3. We are a family business, we stay below the VAT threshold, result, 20% lower price.

We can offer the following to both tenants and landlords;

  1. The best cleaning results possible.
  2. 100% reliability, we turn up where we should, when we should.
  3. A free sanitising certificate to show that all carpets cleaned have been sanitised to British Standard.
  4. We offer very cost effective stain removal.
  5. We can neutralise odour problems with fog applications and the very latest Ozone techniques. (See our separate service, Ozone cleaning.)
  6. We can eradicate Fleas, carpet moth, carpet beetle and carpet weevil. (see video on Anti-Allergy cleaning tab)
  7. We can take payment via credit or debit card meaning that there is no necessity for the landlord or tennant to be on-site for payment.


End of Tenancy reviews. Can all be viewed on


Complete clean of all carpets in a one bed rental terraced house.

I have known, and used Roger’s company for over 30 years as I know that he will always do an excellent job and charge a fair price. He is professional, reliable and flexible in working around my requirements between a tenancy check out and a new tenancy commencing. I have no hesitation at all in recommending Roger’s services.

From: Mr R Groves, Bromsgrove. Work  done: 26 February 2015 Source:   Online


Carpet cleaning.


I had been recommended to Kestrel by an estate agent and I must say how pleased I was excellent, quick service with outstanding results.
From: Mr Mclaughlin, Redditch. Work  done: 15 November 2013   Source: Post   Published:   22 November 2013