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Anti-Allergy Cleaning / Pest Control

anti-allergy cleaning worcestershireI found these carpet weevils whilst carrying out a healthy home audit. To take the video I collected them off the carpet and you see them here on kitchen roll. I treated the carpet straight away and returned two weeks later to steam clean. The result was a carpet saved and a very happy and relieved customer.

Our home and the places we work block out nature’s air cleansing abilities and trap pollution inside, which is where we will often spend up to 90% of our day. These pollutants and allergens can sometimes lead directly to illness.

Among the most frequent allergic causes of respiratory illnesses are plant pollen and spores, animal hair, house dust and mould spores. Misery is caused to a large proportion of us, but there seems to be little that can be done to prevent them: until now.

Our safe and natural products eliminate dust mites, mould spores, pollen and many other allergens that contribute to respiratory suffering. Did you know…. that up to 10 million mites can live in your mattress, and after a pillow is two years old, nearly ten percent of its weight is made up from mites and mite excrement.

Our treatments eliminate mites and their excrement, please see this website if you want to find out more information relating to mites and what you can do to help prevent them.


Carpet Pest Control

A very important issue here is the fact that to be able to use the solutions necessary to eradicate beetles, moth and fleas etc a technician MUST be trained and qualified under the  CONTROL OF PESTICIDES REGULATIONS 1986 (C.O.P.R)

Roger Underhill of Kestrel Cleaning Services is fully approved and certified under these regulations.

We can offer control and eradication of all Textile Insect Pests.


Dust Mite Facts